Monday, November 14, 2005

My Rules

(The meaning to be a man)

The Price of A Man is His Words
To hold the secrets
To keep the promises
And to talk the truth

The Strength of A Man is His Will
To survive from blistering cold
To struggle in the storm
And not to surrender for whatsoever happens

The Value of A Man is His Dream
To figure out the vision ahead
And to make it real

The Greatness of A Man is His Heart
To help people in humble
To forgive without being asked*
To love each other in sincere

* : Something is really really hard for me


Anonymous said...

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pippip said...

puisi yg bagus...
good poem and the rule to be a man gentlely...


Pecinta Syair said...

Yap, hopefully, I could be one who follows the rule :-)